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Marc Chavez
InterTribal Youth,
Director and Founder

Marc Chavez, was born and raised in Los Angeles County, California of Mexican-American Indian (Purapecha/Tarasco) descent. Chavez graduated from the University of California, San Diego with degrees in Communication, “Third World” Studies and post-graduate research in Community Educational Linkages. Chavez has over 20 years experience in higher education, community linkages, and tourism.
A spiritual calling and personal journey first carried him through Mexico and Central America. Chavez led overland cultural eco-tours from Mexico to Costa Rica before choosing to locate in Panama to begin volunteer work in 1998. He began assisting a small community with adult education and youth cultural education programs. Before the big push of tourism, Chavez consulted with families and potential small business owners on the advance of tourism, land acquisition and the importance of holding ground in the new global community, economy.

In 2000, Chavez Founded Young Native Scholars and in California, developing a working model for community and institutional education. The successful program has aimed to “indigenize education” and has been nationally recognized as “the holistic approach to education.” Youth and mentors from across North America attend various national and international summer, spring programs. In its 13th year, Chavez links young people to top universities and professionals, creating mentorship, vision, and healthy learning environments. The goal is to enhance knowledge of technology, culture, health, environmental science and self-sustainability.

Chavez served 4 years on the Board of Directors at the WorldBeat Cultural Center ( in world-famous Balboa Park, San Diego. Working as Assistant Director of Media and International Relations, Chavez assisted with infrastructure, proposals and Indigenous cultural productions in Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica and the Caribbean. Chavez also worked two years as curator for San Diego’s cultural organization “Centro Cultural de La Raza”, assisting in major art exhibits, U.S.-Mexico relations, music, dance and theater productions.

Chavez’ labor of love is the design of an exemplary model for travel education, healing projects, enterprise and sustainability for communities of the Americas. He works with various tribes and communities of Panama and Ecuador in realizing a brighter future. Chavez initiated an annual Tribal Youth/Adult cultural exchange between youth in the U.S. and Panama in 2004. In November 2008, Chavez and InterTribal Youth/ The BRIDGE began working with UNICEF-Panama and CONAMUIP (Coordinadora Nacional Mujeres Indigenas Panama) to implement “Embajadores de Salud, Jovenes InterTribal Panama (ES JIP). Urban indigenous youth are trained to be peer advocates and conduct health prevention tours and various presentations in Reservations (Comarcas). Chavez believes Panama is a cradle of life that bears the seedlings which are vital for our future. Natural pristine locations and history of pre-Colombia agriculture in Panama has lead Chavez to initiate “Earth School of the Americas (ESA)” based on higher learning, sustainability, nutrition, agriculture, marine and rainforest preservation.

In 2010, Chavez’ daughter, Amaya Xochi, passed on at age 10. She had Cerebral Palsy- Quadriplegia, Blindness, and continues to guide him in life and to motivate youth and adults alike. Chavez is currently an elementary student of traditional medicine and physical therapy. Chavez enjoys nature, surfing and people who foster hope, love, purity and have a fresh outlook.
From the U.S.: 858.314.8821 (U.S # fowarded to Panama)
In Panama: Cell 507-692.02208
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