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Young Native Scholars / InterTribal Youth, exists to prepare Native American students for a brighter future through hands-on life experiences that combine academics, adventure travel, health and wellness, cultural exploration and economic opportunities.
Our History

Since 2000, Young Native Scholars (YNS) has been developing and implementing academic, wellness, and cultural programs for Inter-Tribal Youth. We began as a "grassroots" program attracting "in-kind support" from various educational institutions and communities throughout California and quickly became a highly acclaimed program recognized state-wide.

In 2004, deep state budget cuts severed vital support systems to YNS forcing our transition to a non-profit 501c3 status under The BRIDGE Indian Training Trust Fund headquartered in Imperial Beach, California. YNS rallied support from the Greater Tribal Community of Southern California and various organizations to continue.

YNS has been extremely successful in creating peer advocacy and bridging the educational divide for Native youth. Through YNS, young Native scholars come to understand the community-university-school relationships in inspiring environments that address their identity and future as Native people.

With help of the nation's best mentors and instructors, in 2006-2007, YNS provided four times the number of programs of previous years. Youth were provided the opportunity to think, perform and interact on local, national, and international grounds. Over the past few years, hundreds of Inter-Tribal Youth answered the YNS challenge, accepting the discipline and joining together to achieve a high level of "indigenous education." As a result, families and youth of many communities have experienced life-changing benefits after participating in one or more of our programs.

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