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YNS and InterTribal Youth programs provide a traditional connection with the land, preservation, healing and pursuit of Indigenous science education. In our outdoor educational adventures, we have integrated this important component and initiated projects in Southern, Central, and Northern California.

As a collaborative program, support from community, private organizations and individuals enable us to share the responsibility in caring for Mother Earth and her children.
Support for our efforts comes through partnerships like the one with Purdue University. The project's activities seek to build the recruitment and retention pipelines for American Indian students though which they can best obtain geo-scientific expertise while honoring and empowering their culture, traditions, and indigenous knowledge.

The Indigenous Earth Sciences Project
The Indigenous Earth Sciences Project (IESP) serves to coordinate collaborative programs based at the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Purdue University. The goal is to provide our young scholars with access to the best earth science education and outreach available for Native American students and communities.

The IESP is one of many programs united under Purdue University's Tecumseh Project, a university-wide, coordinated effort to improve Indian education in the all fields of study, and to provide access for Native American communities to the collected research expertise and resources at Purdue.

Sharing the Land
Sharing the Land is a program working with tribes in Southern California. The program's goal is two-fold:
(1) Increase on-reservation expertise in the earth and environmental sciences; and
(2) develop a better understanding of how to integrate culturally-held, indigenous, scientific earth science knowledge into the teaching of the earth sciences for American Indian communities nationwide.

InterTribal Youth and Young Native Scholars (YNS) contributes by providing a college summer and year-round bridge program. Students become well-prepared for college science course work and more aware of the earth sciences as an exciting career option.

YNS/ InterTribal Youth is also developing Tribal Environmental Internships. Our high school programs are to be augmented by project-supported real work experience in tribal environmental management offices on the home reservations of participating students.

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