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"Ancient Paradise in the Middle of the World"
February 13 - 19, 2013
Open to Youth and Adults
Q: Who is eligible to particpate?
Any individual 9th grade and up including students, family, siblings, teachers, or community members with a desire to learn and enthusiasm for adventure.

Q: Is a passport required?
Yes, all persons re-entering the United States need to have an official current passport.

Q: What other documentation is required to travel?
In addition to a Passport, if you are under the age of 18, you will need a, Notary Stamped, letter of consent from either both Parents or Guardian stating that you will be able to travel out of the country without your parent/guardian present. The Notary can supply you with this letter.

Q: How much will this trip cost?
Program cost of $1300 plus spending money for souvenirs and incidentals. All lodging, meals, and in-country transportation is included in the program cost. Airfare to Ecuador not included.

Q: What is the purpose of this trip?
Higher Education, Exposure to Tribal Interchange, Enlightenment, Culture, Wellness, Ecology, Economics, Indigenous Politics, and Traditional Values.

Q: What should I bring?
You will be provided with a checklist once you confirm your attendance.

Q: How will we be able to keep in touch?
We will supply family and delegates with direct cell phone numbers to reach ITY staff and delegates in Ecuador. ITY will also provide the delegation with access to phones for direct calls to the U.S. (included in cost).

Q: Will I need any shots/vaccinations?
These are not required to travel, however, you should consult with your family doctor. There have been limited reports of Malaria or Dengue; like any place in the world, always use your best judgment. Most information websites on travel to Ecuador show that immunizations are not used by tourists.

Q: What would happen in case of an emergency?
Travel insurance should be purchased with the international airline ticket which will provide specific coverage. As always we will travel with caution and have emergency phone numbers. Ecuador has modern hospitals with US & European trained doctors in most of the larger cities.

Q: What kinds of safety precautions are being taken?
During delegate orientation, staff and students will be provided with and abide by ethical rules of behavior as in any public school. Ecuadorian Professionals who know the country and safety risks will host us. Hiking and ecological observation will be a large part of our schedule. An affinity to the outdoors and nature is a must.

Q: What are the risks of traveling to this region?
Ecuador is considered one of the safest and stable countries in Latin America. There is no civil unrest or war. In addition, Ecuador has for years held a reputation as the premier "unspoiled" tourist and ecological educational destination. English-Spanish- Native Translators will be provided.

Q: Where do we sleep and what are the arrangements?
Accommodations will always be clean, comfortable and range from simple and modest to moderately upscale when in the City. Jungle lodges and beach bungalows used by tourists and Native Folks will be used. Ecuador boasts some of the most lush rainforests, bio-diversity, wildlife and pristine beaches in the Americas. Ecuador will be an adventure and journey to last a life time.

Q: What kind of food will be provided?
We will be eating local traditional foods when visiting the indigenous groups. Typical fare will be rice, beans, plantains, soup, chicken or fish. Amazing tasty and healthy tropical fruits are in abundance throughout the country. Healthier food choices including vegetarian, organic, and local favorites will also be explored. Please be sure to list any allergies on the application.

Checks/Money Orders are made to:
The BRIDGE InterTribal Youth (non-profit 501c)
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Accounting Contact: Barbara 619-721-8765

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Visit/call your County office of Birth. Born in California: go online to order your official certified birth certificate

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