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To Support Our Youth and Our Culture.

Education is the greatest gift of all for youths of any cultural background. Yet in the Native American Community, our young scholars continue to face a shortage of mentors, financial support and opportunities to pursue higher education.

Many contemporary Native leaders believe that our community's inter-tribal youth development and educational programs are in a state of emergency. Over 80% of our youth do not attend college and 51% of the reservation population continues to live below the poverty line. Despite current popular beliefs, the financial success of a limited number of gaming casinos is not nearly enough to remedy the void in support.

Since its inception, YNS has been extremely successful in creating peer advocacy and bridging the educational divide for Native youth. Through the inovative programs offered through YNS/InterTribal Youth, understands the community-university-school relationships in inspiring environments that embrace their identity and future as Native people. Your donations large and small will help us expand our reach... and breathe life into a greater future for our Native youth.

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