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YNS believes that good intellectual minds aligned with the environment, healthy bodies and spirit is a natural trait of Native American ancestry.

YNS integrates individual and group curriculum to develop culturally based healthier life-styles and a connection to science that will sustain them through rigorous academic and professional careers. 2003-7 YNS, Indian Health Center, Inc.'s NARCH, and SDSU Health Science Department developed hands-on health professions program. In 2006, OHSPD, fortified this with a shadowing and mentoring program. In particular, our integrated environmental and health component continues to reach new places of power.

Wellness is a practice and a process. YNS and InterTribal Youth develop on-site field studies, nutrition, excercise and curriculum to provide real-life choices and science practicum. Wellness issues are further addressed through seminars in Cranio-Sacral Therapy and Mind-Body-Spirit Yoga Seminars in connection with the earth. YNS aims for the most profound educational and cultural experience.

Our Goals for our Health Program are:

  1. Provide access to the University setting and function; allow valuable insight in developing goals and dreams.

  2. Introduce alternatives for better health and nutrition as a priority: assist in choices for physical activity, obesity and common disease prevention.

  3. Provide a prevention clinic and exploration into sustainable organic life-styles, cultural diets, stimulating concern and consciousness for physical maintenance.

  4. Increase self-esteem and self-worth and provide a toolbox for self-maintenance.

  5. Exposure to various health professions and opportunities in medical science/integrated health that will offer career solutions towards assisting own communities.

  6. Develop Retention programming, linking a network of pre-college, college and staff and Professional Mentors.

  7. Provide holistic learning experience in the development of cultural, health and education advocates. Success in reaching youth is evident in lessons and values shared with a wider network as leaders, once they leave the program.

  8. Provide a Cultural Reference Point for self and each other. Establish a base of understanding Native Culture(s) within American society.

  9. Provide a physical healthy learning environment in tune to students' educational needs.

Native Family Practitioner, Dr. Laura Williams M.D. with Jacquie Nunez: Health Associates, Temecula California.

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Health & Wellness
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